Meet Bethany! This girl is crazy beautiful inside and out!

I had so much fun on this shoot. I met with Bethany in Grapevine on Main St. I had only been there once before so I didn’t know what all was there. So, we just started at one end and walked down Main St. stopping along the way when we found something pretty. 🙂

This photo shoot reminded me of how much I LOVE natural light. I found a little alley that had perfect lighting. The light bounced all around and made for nice and even lighting. I can’t wait to shoot there again. Well, I hope you enjoy these photos! Thanks Bethany for a wonderful afternoon! Can’t wait to see you at graduation. 🙂



You might recognize this little boy, I took his photos for his 1st birthday. Last Sunday I got to take photos of him with his big sisters!

This was a very interesting photo shoot. I had just gotten back from being at my parents’ house for the weekend and my allergies were going crazy. When I arrived at the park I grabbed my bag to get out of the car and I knocked over a soda and got it all over my jeans. So now my eyes and nose were bothering me, I was soaked and sticky, and very sleepy from taking benadryl. So I get out and I start talking to Jess, and the kids are also having allergy problems. 😦 But, despite all of this we still managed to have a successful photo shoot. I hope that you enjoy the photos!

And thank you Jess for all your help!!

Bye Bye, see you next time! 🙂


I am enjoying taking all of these senior photos!!! It is so much fun to meet these young ladies and to capture their personality. And I am even making some new friends along the way!!!

So, here is yet another BEAUTIFUL 2012 Senior. Mackenzie contacted me and said that she wanted her senior photos to be different. She didn’t want the train tracks and open field. So, we went to downtown Ft. Worth! I had so much fun on this one. We found an old abandoned building and then we walked around downtown. I LOVED the clothes, and shoes, that she brought.  I hope that you enjoy this fashion inspired senior session. 🙂