New Desk!

My new desk is finally in my office. It took longer than I expected, but it was worth it!

I guess I will start by showing you the before. This is the day that we moved into our new house. This is the desk that I had been using for 3 years. It was fine, but I wanted something completely different. I also wanted to have space above my desk to put some canvases on the wall.


So, we used the old cabinets from our kitchen. We sanded them down and painted them and then distressed them to make them look vintage. (I love vintage stuff!) So, this is what the cabinets looked like the first time we saw the house.

IMG_0640And now, here is the finished product!!!! I still need to find some hardware for the drawers and doors though.

IMG_8679 IMG_8718 IMG_8721 IMG_8726


8 thoughts on “New Desk!

  1. Do you have any samples? I’m going crazy because the type of people that have the same style as me want my arm and leg and those who are reasonably priced just aren’t that good. 😛 Would like to see sample and maybe talk about options with you

  2. These look great! What was the height of your desk? I’m having a hard time finding desk height cabinets – did you cut your kitchen ones down?

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