Promo Video coming soon…..

Some of you may recognize this beauty!! I took Joyce’s senior photos two years ago. Since then we have become best friends! I absolutely adore this girl. We instantly bonded over our love of Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, and our passion to live for Christ. Not only is this girl sweet and smart, but she is the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever met.

Joyce came over last night to be my model for an upcoming promo video for Ashley Nicole Photography!!!! The video will be a few weeks before it is done, but for now here are some photos from our shoot. 🙂

I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend!!!

IMG_0159Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-0377Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-0057 Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-0143 Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-9992 IMG_0317Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-9703 Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-9749 Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-9806 Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-9833 Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-9964Headshots_Rockwallphotographer-0126


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