Talia {Senior 2014}

The 2014 senior season is coming to a close and I am so glad that Talia waited to get her senior photos! The weather was absolutely amazing!! It was a perfect day.

We arrived at the train station in Grapevine and there was carnival equipment everywhere! At first I was a little worried. (They were setting up for an event this weekend) But it ended up being fine, we were still able to use the area and it wasn’t crowded. šŸ™‚ Talia was a little nervous about getting her photos taken, but it did not take long for her to become a professional in front of the camera. Seriously, by the end of the shoot she was posing herself. šŸ™‚ You did an amazing job girl!!! I hope that you have a wonderful summer!!!

2014-05-16_0001 2014-05-16_0002 2014-05-16_0003 2014-05-16_0004 2014-05-16_0005 2014-05-16_0006 2014-05-16_0007 2014-05-16_0008 2014-05-16_0009 2014-05-16_0010 2014-05-16_0011 2014-05-16_0012 2014-05-16_0013 2014-05-16_0014 2014-05-16_0015 2014-05-16_0016 2014-05-16_0017 2014-05-16_0018 2014-05-16_0019 2014-05-16_0020 2014-05-16_0021 2014-05-16_0022 2014-05-16_0023 2014-05-16_0024 2014-05-16_0025 2014-05-16_0026 2014-05-16_0027 2014-05-16_0028 2014-05-16_0029 2014-05-16_0030 2014-05-16_00312014-05-16_0032 2014-05-16_0033 2014-05-16_0034 2014-05-16_0035 2014-05-16_0036


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