I was planning on posting this one tomorrow but I just couldn’t wait to share these with you!

This precious angel is the happiest baby I have ever met! When she smiles her whole face just lights up. She would get so happy that she would fall over. 🙂 We took Olivia’s photos at Colleyville Nature Center and it was a beautiful cloudy day. I hope this baby puts a smile on your face this evening!

2014-07-18_0035 2014-07-18_0036 2014-07-18_0037 2014-07-18_0038 2014-07-18_0039 2014-07-18_0040 2014-07-18_0041 2014-07-18_0042 2014-07-18_0043 2014-07-18_0044 2014-07-18_0045 2014-07-18_0046 2014-07-18_0047 2014-07-18_0048 2014-07-18_0049 2014-07-18_0050 2014-07-18_0051 2014-07-18_0052 2014-07-18_0053 2014-07-18_0054 2014-07-18_0055 2014-07-18_0056 2014-07-18_0057 2014-07-18_0058 2014-07-18_0059


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