Viengluang Family

I so look forward to seeing this beautiful family every year. It has been a pleasure to watch this family grow. This time we took their photos at their new house. After we took a few outside they changed into PJ’s and we took some inside by the tree. It felt like Christmas in that house! I loved all the decorations and it made me ready for it to be December. šŸ™‚ Thank you Nikki for another wonderful photo session, I can’t wait to see you again!

2014-11-13_0003 2014-11-13_0004 2014-11-13_0005 2014-11-13_0006 2014-11-13_0007 2014-11-13_0008 2014-11-13_00092014-11-13_00202014-11-13_00192014-11-13_00182014-11-13_00172014-11-13_00162014-11-13_00152014-11-13_00142014-11-13_00132014-11-13_00122014-11-13_0011


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