Christmas Proposal

So Daniel and I are still sick and stuck in bed. Daniel got sick Christmas Eve and had to miss out on Christmas. I got sick the morning after Christmas and have been sleeping pretty much ever since. But I had to share this sweet proposal with you real quick.

Chris proposed to Maggie in Downtown Ft. Worth in front of the Worthington Hotel. He told her that they were going to a work Christmas party. She was completely surprised!! The look on her face was priceless. 🙂 After he proposed they went on a carriage ride around downtown and took a few more photos. It was a perfect evening! Chris you did good! After the carriage ride was over they got to celebrate with family. I am so excited for you Chris and Maggie! ❤

2014-12-27_0001 2014-12-27_0002 2014-12-27_0003 2014-12-27_0004 2014-12-27_0005 2014-12-27_0006 2014-12-27_0007 2014-12-27_0008 2014-12-27_0009 2014-12-27_0010 2014-12-27_0011 2014-12-27_0012

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