Mack was the sweetest little newborn ever! He was so animated. 🙂 At the end of our photo shoot he just kept making all kinds of faces at me. Mack was awake for a few minutes at the beginning of his shoot and then he slept so well for me for his photos and then he woke up to say goodbye to me. 🙂 He is so precious! Thank you Brandi for letting me capture this precious and fleeting time in his life.

2015-04-03_0001 2015-04-03_0002 2015-04-03_0003 2015-04-03_0004 2015-04-03_0005 2015-04-03_0006 2015-04-03_0007 2015-04-03_0008 2015-04-03_0009 2015-04-03_0010 2015-04-03_0011 2015-04-03_0012 2015-04-03_0013 2015-04-03_0014 2015-04-03_0015 2015-04-03_0016 2015-04-03_0017 2015-04-03_0018 2015-04-03_0019 2015-04-03_0020 2015-04-03_0021 2015-04-03_0022


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