Davila Family

Oh my goodness I love this family!! These little girls are so much fun!! I just love their personalities. Not to mention that they are adorable together and have such a sweet bond. 🙂

I took their photos at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens. It was very crowded because it was right before Easter. But we managed to find some gorgeous spots!! Thank you Nicole for such a wonderful afternoon. I enjoyed getting to photograph your beautiful family.

2015-04-15_0006 2015-04-15_0007 2015-04-15_0008 2015-04-15_0009 2015-04-15_0010 2015-04-15_0011 2015-04-15_0012 2015-04-15_0013 2015-04-15_0014 2015-04-15_0015 2015-04-15_0016 2015-04-15_0017 2015-04-15_0018 2015-04-15_0019 2015-04-15_0020 2015-04-15_0021 2015-04-15_0022 2015-04-15_0023


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