Sarah {2015 Senior}

This is one of my all time favorite senior sessions!! This beautiful young lady is Sarah. She is a 2015 Senior at Ft. Worth Christian School. This girl knows how to work the camera!!! Not only is she gorgeous, but she is super sweet. We took her senior photos at Colleyville Nature Center. After we finished up with her photos, Sarah and her mom took me to dinner. We ate at Chapps, I had never been there before and it was delicious. 🙂 We talked for a couple hours. It was such a pleasure to get to know you both! Not only did I get to take some beautiful photos, but I gained two friends as well. Thank you!

2015-05-05_0005 2015-05-05_0010 2015-05-05_0009 2015-05-05_0008 2015-05-05_0007 2015-05-05_00062015-05-05_0012 2015-05-05_0017 2015-05-05_0016 2015-05-05_0015 2015-05-05_0014 2015-05-05_0013     2015-05-05_00182015-05-05_00212015-05-05_00202015-05-05_00192015-05-05_00222015-05-05_00232015-05-05_00242015-05-05_0025 2015-05-05_0026 2015-05-05_0027 2015-05-05_0028 2015-05-05_0029 2015-05-05_0030 2015-05-05_0031 2015-05-05_0032 2015-05-05_0033 2015-05-05_0034 2015-05-05_0035 2015-05-05_0036 2015-05-05_0037 2015-05-05_0038 2015-05-05_0039 2015-05-05_0040 2015-05-05_0041 2015-05-05_0042 2015-05-05_0043 2015-05-05_0044 2015-05-05_0045


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