Ellitt & Haley {Proposal}

This one was so much fun!! On Friday I arrived at the Arboretum and found my hiding spot and waited with excitement. I got my camera ready and sat, rather impatiently, for Ellitt and Haley to arrive. Haley thought that they were meeting family at the Arboretum for family photos. Just as Ellitt sent me a text letting me know that they were walking in, a Bride and her photographer came right in the middle of the location that I was waiting at. I was trying to find a better spot to hide and still be able to see them and I saw them coming around the corner. So of course, I attempt to look like I am just taking photos of the flowers while I wait to see where he stops. Then they sit down on the bench and I start shooting away! It was so perfect! She had no idea!

Congratulations Haley and Ellitt!! I am so excited for you both!




Christmas Proposal

So Daniel and I are still sick and stuck in bed. Daniel got sick Christmas Eve and had to miss out on Christmas. I got sick the morning after Christmas and have been sleeping pretty much ever since. But I had to share this sweet proposal with you real quick.

Chris proposed to Maggie in Downtown Ft. Worth in front of the Worthington Hotel. He told her that they were going to a work Christmas party. She was completely surprised!! The look on her face was priceless. πŸ™‚ After he proposed they went on a carriage ride around downtown and took a few more photos. It was a perfect evening! Chris you did good! After the carriage ride was over they got to celebrate with family. I am so excited for you Chris and Maggie! ❀

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Kortney and Brett {2 year Anniversary}

Kortney and Brett just celebrated their 2 year anniversary! These two are so adorable together. πŸ™‚

Kortney is a fellow photographer and she recently took some gorgeous photos for me of my sister and I. You can view them here.

As photographers we sometimes forget that we need photos too. I am so glad that I met Kortney! We have similar shooting and editing styles and she is such a joy to be around. We met up at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve for their anniversary photos. The weather was absolutely perfect! Some beautiful clouds and the temperature was just right. πŸ™‚ They did an amazing job modeling. Brett was a little apprehensive about it, but I think he did a good job! And Kortney, girl, you are stunning! I hope that y’all enjoy the photos!


A Beautiful Proposal!

Trevor really put a lot of work into this proposal! When I was contacted to photograph this special moment I was so excited! This was my first proposal to photograph, and it was perfect!

Libby was told that they were going to an engagement party for a family member. They pulled up to The Venue at Waterstone in Celina and as they got out she saw a sign that said “walk our story” with a trail of photos on a bridge. They walked to the end of the bridge looking at all the happy memories that they have had together. As they got to the end they turned to the right and saw Trevor’s truck! πŸ™‚ Trevor got down on one knee and of course, she said yes! After some hugs and laughter and some congratulations from family, we were able to take a few quick photos of the newly engaged Β couple.

I am so blessed to have been a part of this beautiful and special moment in their lives!! Thank you Trevor and Libby, I cannot wait to see you as man and wife!

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