Kerr Family (Colleyville Family)

This family was so much fun to photograph! We took their family photos at the Colleyville Nature Center! I absolutely love this location and this sweet family. They were the perfect models. They made my job so easy. 🙂 Thank you guys for a wonderful afternoon. 2017-10-15_00032017-10-15_00042017-10-15_00052017-10-15_00062017-10-15_00072017-10-15_00082017-10-15_00092017-10-15_00102017-10-15_00112017-10-15_00122017-10-15_00132017-10-15_00142017-10-15_00152017-10-15_00162017-10-15_00172017-10-15_00182017-10-15_00192017-10-15_00202017-10-15_00212017-10-15_00222017-10-15_00232017-10-15_00272017-10-15_0028 2017-10-16_00012017-10-16_00022017-10-16_00032017-10-16_00042017-10-16_0005


Caden {2018 Senior}

This was the perfect shoot to get me back into the swing of things. I am excited to start out my 2018 senior season with another CCA senior. This is Caden! We took his senior photos at Colleyville Nature Center. It was a little warm, but we made it work. After his senior photos we took some family photos as well. Those will be coming soon. I hope that you enjoy this little preview!!


Kylie is 13!!

My baby sister is growing up way too fast!!! Kylie is turning 13 this fall! I cannot believe that she is going to be a teenager. What?? This year was a little different than previous years. I normally have a shoot with her every 6 months but this year I was pregnant with my little guy. So, we have not taken photos since her 12 year pics. This time we took her photos out at their house. Since we had a newborn with us it was easier to just take them there. And let me tell you, it was gorgeous! They live out in the country just south of Canton. They had a tornado at their place this spring, but luckily we were still able to find some green areas. 🙂 Ok, brace yourself for a ton of photos. I had a hard time narrowing them down. She is so beautiful. I love you so much baby girl!!!! ❤


Bradley {Canton Maternity Session}

This is the perfect session to get me back into work after having Lincoln. This adorable couple is expecting a sweet little baby boy. We took their photos in the country at their family’s property. It was absolutely stunning out there. It was pretty far off the road and it was sooo peaceful. We turned around the final corner and saw a beautiful house on a lake. I was so excited for that gorgeous setting! I had so much fun on this shoot, and my little assistant was good for his momma. 🙂

I am so excited for you both and I cannot wait to see your precious angel! I hope that you enjoy your photos!! 2017-09-20_00012017-09-20_00022017-09-20_00032017-09-20_00042017-09-20_00052017-09-20_00062017-09-20_00072017-09-20_00082017-09-20_00092017-09-20_00102017-09-20_00112017-09-20_00122017-09-20_00132017-09-20_00142017-09-20_00152017-09-20_00162017-09-20_00172017-09-20_00182017-09-20_00192017-09-20_00202017-09-20_00212017-09-20_00222017-09-20_00232017-09-20_00242017-09-20_00252017-09-20_00262017-09-20_00272017-09-20_00282017-09-20_00292017-09-20_00302017-09-20_0031


I’m back!

Hey guys!! I am officially back! I have not blogged since November of last year. Daniel and I found out that I was pregnant in late November last year. Shortly after that I was unable to work. I had several complications with my pregnancy and was basically in bed for 9 months. Well, now my sweet little angel is here and I am ready to get back to work!

Lincoln is now 6 weeks old! I cannot believe how time is flying. I absolutely adore my little boy and cannot imagine life without him now. So with this post I basically want to introduce you to Lincoln and to let everyone know that I am back in business. I am now booking fall sessions. I am only taking a limited number since I am still trying to figure out how to work and be a new mom. So, if you are wanting photos contact me today! My sessions are filling up quickly.

Here are a few photos from our first 6 weeks together. 🙂