Brooks {2014 Senior}

Brooks is another 2014 senior at CCA! I absolutely adore everyone that I meet from this school. I took his sister’s senior photos two years ago, I cannot believe it is already his turn. Where does the time go?

We took Brooks’ photos at the  Grapevine Botanical Gardens and then at a local football field. It was such a pleasure to see you again Miki, Mackenzie, and Brooks!!! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your senior year. 🙂

AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0197 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0198 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0199 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0200 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0201 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0202 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0203 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0204 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0205 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0206 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0207 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0208 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0209 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0210 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0211 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0212 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0213 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0214 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0215 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0216 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0217 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0218 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0219 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0220 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0221 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0222 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0223 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0224 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0225 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0226 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0227


Mary {2014 Senior}

Meet Mary! She is such a fun, sweet, and beautiful young lady, and another senior from Colleyville Heritage. 🙂

I love absolutely everything about this photo shoot! The fall colors! The location! And of course the girl! Mary was such a delight to photograph! We started the shoot at the train station in Grapevine. It was very crowded with photographers because it was the perfect day for a photo shoot! After we finished at the station we went to the Botanical Gardens, and again, it was crowded there as well. Even though we had to work around so many other people we managed to get some gorgeous shots. I get excited every time I look at these photos, Mary I had so much fun getting to know you! I hope that you enjoy the rest of your senior year!!!

IMG_4997 IMG_5013 IMG_5032 IMG_5057 IMG_5078 IMG_5113 IMG_5149 IMG_5200 IMG_5242 IMG_5245 IMG_5249 IMG_5372 IMG_5376 IMG_5399 IMG_5414 IMG_5422 IMG_5435 IMG_5466 IMG_5468 IMG_5474 IMG_5619

Nicole’s 14th Birthday!!!

This was a different kind of photo shoot. The first one that I have ever done! And I can’t wait for the next one!!!

Nicole’s mom called me and asked if I could do a photo shoot for Nicole’s birthday party. She told me that the girls love to model and she thought that they would have fun on a photo shoot. So, we met up at Grapevine Botanical Gardens. As soon as they walked out of the car I could tell this was going to be awesome!! They all have such fun personalities, and I immediately felt like one of their friends. I absolutely adore these girls! They are so fun, goofy, and sweet. They even invited me to go to the pool with them after the shoot!!!

I hope that y’all had as much fun as I did! Thanks girls!!! 🙂

IMG_0699 IMG_0707 IMG_0709 IMG_0720IMG_0725 IMG_0732 IMG_0734 IMG_0740 IMG_0749 IMG_0744IMG_0756 IMG_0759 IMG_0787IMG_0842 IMG_0847 IMG_0859 IMG_0874 IMG_0894IMG_0926 IMG_0934 IMG_0950 IMG_0954 IMG_0966 IMG_0988 IMG_0995 IMG_1002 IMG_1009IMG_1024 IMG_1031 IMG_1115

Danielle {Senior 2013}

This beauty is Danielle! She is a Senior from CCA. This was one of my all time favorite shoots!!! Danielle and her mom are the sweetest people I have ever met. I enjoyed every minute that we spent together. In addition to be sweet, this girl is outrageously gorgeous! For her photos we went to Downtown Grapevine. We took some by the train station and then we went to the Botanical Gardens. Danielle, I hope that you enjoy your photos, and enjoy the rest of your senior year!

Have a great day!

IMG_0148 IMG_0181 IMG_0190 IMG_0229 IMG_0272 IMG_0292 IMG_0335 IMG_0342 IMG_0363 IMG_0402 IMG_0405 IMG_0423 IMG_0450 IMG_0500 IMG_0549 IMG_0573 IMG_0591 IMG_0608 IMG_0686 IMG_0712 IMG_0762 IMG_0789 IMG_0804