A Dancer and Cheerleader

I went to see my adorable little sister the other day. We were inside playing on the computer and then I asked her if she wanted to go outside. The weather was perfect!!! ( I am so glad for the warm weather) So we stepped outside and decided to jump on the trampoline and of course I had my camera with me, so we took turns with the camera. If you have ever wondered what happens when a dancer and a cheerleader jump on the trampoline together, here you go. 🙂 I was very impressed with her ability with the camera as well. Most of them were in focus and her timing was amazing!! 🙂 So proud of this little cutie!!

AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0431 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0435AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0436AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0437 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0433 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0434


Relaxing on a Saturday

This past weekend Daniel and I got to spend the whole day together!!! It was so nice. 🙂 We slept late, went to Rockwall and took some photos, and then got a couple more fish for my tank. Here are a few shots from our afternoon at Harry Myers Park.

I hope that you have a wonderful Monday!!!

AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0425 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0426AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0428AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0427AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0429 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0430


I have known Jayce since she was 4!!! Oh my goodness I cannot believe she is 16 now! When I was in high school we danced at the same studio and I helped teach some of her classes. Now she is in high school. I’m not gonna lie, that makes me feel a little old.

Jayce has become a beautiful and talented young lady! I cannot wait to see where dancing takes her. Jayce dances at Next Step Dance Performing Arts Center in Frisco. She will be going to New York again this year she needed some head shots, and I was more than happy to take them!! So for her photos we went to Cedar Hill State Park after she got out of school one day. The weather was perfect and we had the place to our selves. I hope that you enjoy your photos Jayce and have an amazing time in New York, I sooo wish I could go with you. 🙂

(Make sure you check out the bottom of the post, I have included some old photos of me and Jayce)

AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0391AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0387 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0388
AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0392AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0393AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0389 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0394 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0396 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0397 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0399 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0400 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0401 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0402 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0403 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0404 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0405 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0406 AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0407AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0409AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0410AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0411AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0412AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0413AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0414AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0415AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0416AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0408AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0417AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0418AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0419AshleyNicolePhotography_GrapevinePhotographer_DFWphotographer_AshleyJock_0420Here are a few photos from my high school days. 🙂 ( I just scanned these photos in, sorry for the poor quality) SCN_0005 SCN_0007 SCN_0008


I’m Excited!!!

Ok, the past couple days I have not been productive at all. I spent the majority of yesterday in bed and all of today. 😦 I have a lot of work that needs to be done but have not been able to work because I am not feeling well. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get everything done.

Now I come to the exciting news. Yesterday I saw something exciting on Facebook so I screen shot it and sent it to Daniel. He told me to get it!!!! A new camera!!! There was an amazing deal on the Canon 5D Mark iii going on yesterday. We have been saving up to upgrade my camera for a while now. We were actually talking about it a few days ago. It all happened so fast that it still has not sunk in that I am getting a new camera!! Eeeekkkk. 🙂


Working on the House

Yesterday started off as spring cleaning and ended up as a major project.

It has been a while since I posted anything about our house. So I will give a little background info, for those who don’t know we are in our first house. 🙂 I cannot believe it but we have been here for about 1 1/2 years now. When we bought the house it was a wreck. When we moved in we ripped out the carpet, put wood floors in, put new cabinets in the kitchen, and painted everything! We did a lot of work to it, but there are still some things that need to be replaced or fixed. We are finally getting around to our bath tub! When we first saw the bathtubs we could not believe that people actually got in that shower and came out cleaner. It was so gross. We cleaned it and made it workable, but it was still stained and looked so bad. It looked like they had some kind of mat in the tub that just gathered mold. Yuck! It also looked like the the caulk had gotten moldy and they just put more caulk over it. So we are in the process of refinishing our shower/tub. I will be so happy when it is finally done. We started on it yesterday. I thought that we would be able to get it done in one day, but boy was I wrong. We are still working on getting all the moldy caulking out. Here is our progress so far, I will post updates as we go.

And click here for a quick look at what the house looked like when we moved in.