I take some photos every few months of my sweet baby sister. 🙂 It is crazy how quickly she is turning into a young lady. She is the sweetest 10 year old I have every met. She is a little goofy (like some else I know) but she is quite mature for her age. She loves animals of all kinds and is starting to sew.

I am excited to see what God has planned for her life but I am not quite ready for her to be so grown up. She needs to stop growing for a couple years.

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Donna {Senior 2015}

Ok guys, brace yourself, this girl is crazy gorgeous!!! Donna is another sweet 2015 senior at CCA! She is from South Africa and has the most amazing accent. I love just listening to her talk.

We took Donna’s senior photos at Colleyville Nature Center. I was so relieved that it warmed up that afternoon. The temperature was perfect! My job was so easy that afternoon, Donna was a professional in front of the camera. I have had a difficult time editing them though because I could not narrow them down. She looks gorgeous in every single photo! Here are some of my favorites from her session.

Thank you Donna and Melody for a wonderful afternoon! It was a pleasure to meet you. 🙂

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ONA Capri Review

I believe that finding the perfect camera bag has been way more difficult than finding the right camera, lens, or flash. I have owed several different camera bags throughout my photography journey. I have liked details of all of them, but I have not loved everything about a bag until now. There has always been something that I wanted to change about my camera bags. I have owned two Kelly Moore Bags and they are gorgeous but not as durable as I want. They seem to fall apart quickly. My Copper River Bag is gorgeous and it is real leather so it will last forever, but it is not the right size and shape. I had a difficult time carrying it throughout a photo shoot. I had to put it down a lot (which I didn’t like). It is too heavy and bulky and did not lay right on me. This bag is also not as padded as I would like. I always worried about my camera in it.

I have been researching and looking for a new camera bag for a couple of years now. There are several different companies out there. I found this one bag that I had been drooling over for quite a while from 3 Annies. It was pricey and from Australia so I kept putting it off. I knew that I was going to have to spend a good amount to get the bag I wanted, but I wanted to make sure it was the right one this time. Then I found the Capri bag from ONA bags. 🙂 At first I thought that it would be too simple and did not have enough pockets to hold everything. But the more I looked at it the more I realized it was just want I needed! And here is why..

My needs in a camera bag,….

to hold my 5D mark III and 3 lenses

to hold my CF cards, batteries, phone, and keys

to keep my gear safe and protected

to have easy access for quick lens changes

to be small and light enough to carry during a photo shoot

to be stylist and not scream “I am a camera bag”

to be durable and last a long time under continued use

This gorgeous bag accomplishes all of these things. My gear easily fits and is well protected in the soft lining. There are two compartments in this bag. The main section is where my camera and lenses go. The other section, I believe is made to be able to safely hold an I pad. This is where I keep my batteries and CF cards. And then there are two small pockets on the interior that hold my phone, lip gloss, EpiPen, and lens cleaner. I have been using this bag for a couple of months now and I love everything about it!! You can wear it as a shoulder bag or it has a detachable long strap for cross-body (which is how I wear it). I know that it is difficult to choose a camera bag to fit your needs, so I hope that this has helped someone in their search for the perfect camera bag. If you have any questions about the bag please feel free to ask me. Here are a few photos of my ONA Capri. 🙂

2015-01-26_0030 2015-01-26_0031 2015-01-26_00322015-01-26_00332015-01-26_00342015-01-26_00352015-01-26_00362015-01-26_00372015-01-26_00382015-01-26_00392015-01-26_0040

Annie {Senior 2015}

Annie is a 2015 Senior at Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville. I was so excited for this session because I have taken the Hill’s family photos and also her older brother’s senior photos last year. This family is so sweet!!

Annie is absolutely stunning! We met up at the Stockyards in Ft. Worth for her session. We got there in the morning before the crowds got there. It was a perfect day for photos! Here are some of my favorites of this beautiful girl. There are several because she was such a good model! Thank you Annie and Nancy, I had so much fun! I have so enjoyed getting to know your family.

2015-01-26_0002 2015-01-26_0003 2015-01-26_0004 2015-01-26_0005 2015-01-26_0006 2015-01-26_0007 2015-01-26_0008 2015-01-26_00092015-01-26_00102015-01-26_00112015-01-26_00122015-01-26_00132015-01-26_00142015-01-26_00152015-01-26_00162015-01-26_00172015-01-26_00182015-01-26_00192015-01-26_00202015-01-26_00212015-01-26_00222015-01-26_00232015-01-26_00242015-01-26_00252015-01-26_00262015-01-26_00272015-01-26_0028

Eli {Newborn photos}

This precious little boy is Eli. I had so much fun with his newborn shoot. He is such a cutie! When we started his shoot he was wide awake and staring right at me. So I decided to quickly get a few shots of his gorgeous eyes before getting him to sleep. It took Eli a little while to go to sleep, which is fine with me because I got to hold him longer. 🙂

Here are a few of my favorites of this sweet baby!

2015-01-22_0001 2015-01-22_0002 2015-01-22_0003 2015-01-22_0004 2015-01-22_0005 2015-01-22_0006 2015-01-22_00072015-01-24_00012015-01-24_00022015-01-24_00032015-01-24_00042015-01-24_00052015-01-24_00062015-01-24_00082015-01-24_0007