Allie {DFW head shots}

I am blessed with some pretty amazing friends. Some friends I see often, some I only get to see every once in a while, but they all hold a special place in my heart. I have known Allie since high school. We were on a competition dance team together. I did not get to see her much through college and then we lived far apart for a few years. But now she lives close enough for me to go visit her and her sweet little baby boy often. 🙂

Allie is such an amazing young woman, and she is a wonderful mother to Landon. She is building up a photography business in the Keller area and works for It Works. Last week we met up to take some updated head shots of Allie. I had so much fun walking around her neighborhood trying to find good light and to capture her beautiful smile. Thanks Allie for a wonderful afternoon! I hope that you enjoy your photos! 🙂

2015-02-23_0001 2015-02-23_0002 2015-02-23_0003 2015-02-23_0004 2015-02-23_0005 2015-02-23_0006 2015-02-23_0007 2015-02-23_0008 2015-02-23_0009 2015-02-23_0010

Elyse {Senior 2015}

I met this beautiful young lady during her friend’s senior photo session in November. Elyse is so full of energy and joy. I absolutely adore this girl!! We instantly became friends! I love how genuine she is. She is an excellent role model for anyone and I hope to be more like her one day.

Elyse decided to have her photos taken at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve. Arbor Hills has become one of my favorite locations. It is crowded at times, but it is so beautiful there! On the day that we took her photos it was perfectly cloudy! We did run into a little rain at the end but I am so thankful that it waited as long as it did. 🙂 Here are some of my favorites shots from her senior session.

2015-02-18_0001 2015-02-18_0002 2015-02-18_0003 2015-02-18_0004 2015-02-18_0005 2015-02-18_0006 2015-02-18_0007 2015-02-18_00092015-02-18_00102015-02-18_00112015-02-18_00122015-02-18_00132015-02-18_00142015-02-18_00152015-02-18_00162015-02-18_00172015-02-18_00182015-02-18_00192015-02-18_00202015-02-18_00212015-02-18_00222015-02-18_00232015-02-18_00242015-02-18_00252015-02-18_00262015-02-18_00272015-02-18_00282015-02-18_00292015-02-18_00302015-02-18_00312015-02-18_00322015-02-18_00332015-02-18_0035


As a photographer I am normally working on the weekends so Monday’s are my day off. Normally on Monday I go to my mom’s house for Bible Study but this week mom was sick. 😦

So instead, I went to my cousin’s house for some crafting!! I love crafting of all kinds. I love to sew, crochet, paint, and make journals. We made some bags and then went fabric shopping and got tons of pretty fabric! Here is a little glimpse into our day of fun! 🙂

2015-02-13_0001 2015-02-13_0002 2015-02-13_0003 2015-02-13_0004 2015-02-13_0005 2015-02-13_0006 2015-02-13_0007 2015-02-13_0008 2015-02-13_0009 2015-02-13_0010

Caleb {Senior 2015}

This session was pretty awesome! The weather could not have been any better and the light that day was so gorgeous! Caleb is a 2015 senior at Covenant Christian Academy. We took his senior photos at Colleyville Nature Center. This is one of my all time favorite locations. It never gets old for me. It is always peaceful there and there are plenty of amazing spots for photos. 🙂 Here are some of my favorites from Caleb’s Senior Session.

2015-02-11_0001 2015-02-11_0002 2015-02-11_0003 2015-02-11_0004 2015-02-11_0005 2015-02-11_0006 2015-02-11_0007 2015-02-11_0008 2015-02-11_0009 2015-02-11_0010 2015-02-11_0011 2015-02-11_0012 2015-02-11_0013 2015-02-11_0014 2015-02-11_0015 2015-02-11_0016 2015-02-11_0017 2015-02-11_0018 2015-02-11_0019 2015-02-11_0020 2015-02-11_0021 2015-02-11_0022